Coronavirus Can Cause Long-Term Loss of Brain TissueTop Stories

June 18, 2021 10:19
Coronavirus Can Cause Long-Term Loss of Brain Tissue

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The impact of coronavirus is here to stay and there are several post-Covid complications reported in several people. Several studies are conducted which revealed shocking facts and there are several new mutants reported in various countries. A new study said that coronavirus has an impact on the brain after the infection and it can have a potential impact on the human nervous system. The study from the United Kingdom said that there is a potential for long-term brain loss among those who are infected and recovered from coronavirus. The study also said that there could be loss of brain tissue because of coronavirus and the consequences would last for a long time told Dr Scott Gottlieb, the former Chief of FDA.

The study also said that the coronavirus can infect several organs along with the brain and can be cured on a slower note. In the cases in which the patients recovered from ICUs, the post-Covid complications are expected to be more and there are concerns about the changes in the memory. Some of the researchers observed that the coronavirus can have a direct impact on the central nervous system and it can impact the brain cells. It all depends on the symptoms that the patient experience. The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM). The virus was able to infect the neurons which makes huge damage to the human brain.

By Siva Kumar

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